LaPal® technology reduces gas consumption for the entire operation, improves safety and is environmentally friendly.

  • Lower gas consumption for the entire operation by an average 40% compared to normal incineration plants
  • Significantly reduced emissions based on the unique design of the individual technological components
  • Use of the generated incineration heat can be used for heating associated operations, thus increasing the operational economic efficiency With a power generation turbine installation, grid power consumption can be reduced, or power can be supplied to the grid
  • BAT compliance (Best Available Techniques) in line with the European law on integrated prevention. Practical application of BAT achieves a high degree of environmental protection
  • Increased operational safety, ensured by the technological design, means that it can cope with non-standard waste types that can be contained in the waste to the greatest possible extent without notifying the producer
  • Meets the statutory limits of unburned carbon in ash, i.e., below 2%


Standard range of emissions in normal operation

      Emission limit
TZL [mg/m3] 1,3 – 5,0 10
CO [mg/m3] 4,0 – 15,0 50
NOx [mg/m3] 140 – 197 200
SO2 [mg/m3] 0,0 – 9,0 50
TOC [mg/m3] 0,9 – 4,2 10
HCL [mg/m3] 0,0 – 2,1 10
HF [mg/m3] 0,0 – 0,2 1






0,007 – 0,053