Waste disposal

LaPal® Technology is an environmentally friendly patent-protected technology of thermal hazardous and municipal waste disposal.

Spalování technologií LaPal

Incineration by LaPal® technology

Uncompromising and final elimination of hazardous waste properties – we are not passing the burden on to the future generations.

Unique technical design of the hazardous and municipal waste incineration plant under patent protection. Unique know-how in terms of the technical design of the incineration plant and the incineration process. 

The technology is much more efficient and cost-effective than the current standard of incineration plant design with an emphasis on achieving the lowest possible emission limits.


Advantages of the technology:

  • unique and efficient
  • fast and ecological
  • environmentally friendly
  • safe
  • cost-effective operation
  • fast economic return
  • automated
  • highly resistant to external energy source price fluctuations
  • excellent emission limit parameters

Solution is recommended for:

  • enterprises
  • hospitals, clinics, medical facilities
  • dangerous operations
  • industrial zones
  • local governments
  • mobile floating platforms
  • sewage treatment plants
  • decontamination of dumping grounds
  • decontamination of environmental burden


Economically effective solution

Economically effective solution with significantly reduced needs for external energy sources.

Universal solution

This solution enables incineration of all kinds of solid waste, including hazardous waste.

The gentle solution

It enables compliance with the mandatory limits of harmful atmospheric emissions with a big reserve.