About the technology

LaPal® technology is an innovative incineration solution with a rotary furnace comprising the related technological elements with a number of partial innovations even apparently known components.

This is a system of sophisticated technological components, each of which has a unique design concept. Together, they form a unique incineration technology.

Thermal disposal – incineration – is the domain of countries with higher medium and high economic income due to the relatively higher cost of this type of waste disposal. However, it is highly efficient and, with LaPal® technology, also environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Countries with a high share of incineration have a low share of dumping, i.e., incineration means a major substitution thereof. LaPal® technology is an advantageous solution for hazardous waste, medical waste, industrial waste, contaminated waste from sewage treatment plants and others.


  • Industrial and hazardous waste: industrial waste constitutes 51% of global waste
  • Gradual elimination of dumping can be resolved by incineration within the EU
  • Not all waste is suitable for recycling, and the recycling costs of some waste is significantly higher than the production costs
  • Epidemics (e.g. Covid-19) increase the demand for incineration of (mainly medical) waste
  • Also suitable for small countries, municipalities, islands
  • Opportunities for less developed countries with increasing economic growth – system of establishing waste collection and use
  • Heat production as an added value enables reduction of fossil fuel consumption
  • Long-term continuous operation enables the installation of an electromobile charging station and economic operation thereof
  • In the case of liquid waste disposal, this technology can be used after the necessary treatment

Unlike other incineration plant equipments, LaPal® technology enables standalone functionality with positive operational profit while maintaining any and all applicable emission standards compliance.